Activism and Social Media

  1. Social Media and Activism
  2. Activism and Education
  3. Activism and Sports
  4. Activism and the Government
  5. Activism on College Campuses


Of all these great research topic ideas, I feel that Social Media and Activism is the most important topic to explore. The reason that social media has such a powerful influence is that fact that so many users are involved with it. For example, in a survey conducted in 2016, it was discovered that almost 80% of Americans enjoy using social media, while about 2 billion people in the world have a social media profile. This makes it imperative to be responsible when using social media, for countless people can potentially see what is being published. Activism and social  are particularly popular on social media, with millions of users discussing politics and the injustice they feel going on in the world today. Furthermore, social media is the primary way by which other citizens see what happens in other parts of the world. For example, during the summer of 2016, a woman posted a Facebook live video of her boyfriend being shot by a police officer. This horrific tragedy garnered mass attention on the internet, and caused increased rancor and dissatisfaction in several communities.

Other than simply disseminating information, social media can also be a way for people who haven’t met each other in real life connect and talk about the different problems troubling them today and how they can act upon it. Activism can spread its influence from even one continent to another because of how social media can connect people. The “Black Lives Matter” movement has similarly spread from simply being endemic to certain regions of brutality to being a trending topic on social media platforms across several continents.


2 thoughts on “Activism and Social Media”

  1. Really interesting take on social media and activism! I am also currently looking into the changes activism has gone given the rise of the internet and various social media websites. It is definitely very informative to research more about the use and effectiveness of social media when it comes to activism and promoting a social cause.


  2. I appreciate your discussion of how the widespread nature of social media can assist in the creation and scaling up of various movements. However, I was wondering what your take is on the possibility that social media may be creating an activism that is more “passive”? Instead of physical marches, online petitions are being electronically signed and posts are being shared. Does this have any negative impacts on scial causes? Or is social media only beneficial in informing a diverse audience? I’m excited to see how you narrow in on this topic.


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