Activism!: Direct Action, Hacktivism and Future of Society by Tim Jordan explores the subject of power in the realm of activism!. The goal of activism! is to fight and dissolve power in order to alleviate the discrepancies of social justice. Furthermore, Jordan notes we must “end the exploitations of Others by Selves” (146) and thereby reduce difference and oppression. With the example of male oppression, men are viewed to have more power. This dominance can seen in many different mediums such through the power of a making decisions and controlling a country. Men take up 90% of the Senate and, therefore, have more power than women when making decisions for a country – showing a large difference of power. Furthermore, power can be portrayed socially: in Saudi Arabia, women are not granted the power of transportation and freedom due to laws abiding women from driving cars. The lack of freedom is a form difference and oppression of power. Power is a means of naming the enemy where the access to power provides the ability to make a difference and therefore perform in activism.

Furthermore, in chapter 4, Jordan highlights the power of culture jamming and the use of isolated moments of humour and anger. In his example of McDonalds, an activist replaces the billboard from “feeling hungry all of a sudden” to “feeling heavy all of a sudden?” (108). This example portrays the simplicity of power and how it is diffused to reduce the power McDonalds over its customers – who, now can retaliate against the distribution of McDonalds’ fatty foods. Power is everything and even in this mere example, it is the root to difference and exclusion.


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