Activism in many forms

In activism, there are a plethora of subjects one could discuss. Here are my top five:

  1. Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is a taboo subject that is unspoken of around the world. 91% of women in Egypt have been subjected to FGM, usually between the age of 4 and 15. As an Egyptian woman, I am shocked by the lack of conversation around the subject in my grandmother’s household and in the media. I would like to explore the ways we can overcome the taboo using various methods of activism, such as comedy, art and social media in order to make the subject more accessible and easier to address.
  2. Art and Design Activism: The Guerrilla girls. The Victoria and Albert Museum in London, United Kingdom held the exhibition: Disobedient Objects. Bringing together objects used by activists all over the world, the Guerrilla Girls section caught my eye and showcased an interesting use of art and activism. The anonymous group of radical feminists used culture jamming through art to highlight issues of racial  and gender inequality. I am most interested in writing about this subject as the use of art and imagery can be valuable medium in which to evoke a feeling and display a message.
  3. Transgender & Trans Race Movement: Trans explores the differences and similarities of the trans gender and trans race movements. If one can be transgender, can one be trans race? Referring to the Dolezal vs Jenner debate, I would like to look at the struggle of racial fluidity, leading to a further discussion on categorization.
  4. Planned Parenthood: I am interested in exploring the history of planned parenthood and its effects on communities. The series, The Midwife highlights the issues of a lack of education and birth control in East London. How have women gained more control over their lives and how did this develop?
  5. Ocean Governance: Our climate is constantly changing and we are in need of international agreements on how we are reducing our effects on the ocean. In a space of no borders, international responsibility becomes critical in keeping the ocean safe, clean, sustainable and healthy.



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