Activism in Today’s World

Humanity has experienced a variety of disparities and countless cultural changes, if not upheavals. Even in the current world, tense political climates and increasing globalization has culminated in a melting pot of pressing issues. From environmental concerns to systematic injustices, the need for change, for activism, is just as pressing as ever.

While a plethora of topics exist which are deserving of advocates and protests, I have narrowed my intellectual interests and social concerns into five potential topics for further exploration. Immigration issues, from lawmaking to reform, particularly between the United States and Mexico is incredibly relevant, especially given the looming inauguration of Donald Trump. Additionally, educational disparities, whether it is between public versus private school systems or how access to education can look very different on a global scale piques my interest. Especially being a first-generation college student at an elite institution, the varying degrees of quality of education astounded me coming in to my freshman year. Reproductive health rights also contain many connections to activism and current issues, from legal reform to advancing medical breakthroughs. Another interesting area to analyze would be the role of students in activism, and how student movements have shifted between the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Lastly, I am interested in how activism manifests when the victims of injustice are nameless and plentiful, such as the street children of Latin America.

Reproductive health rights transcend international borders, and this fight for human rights looks very different throughout the world. Even in the United States, a nation that takes pride in its progressivity, reproductive health rights are casted into a very murky gray area. Given the current political climate, where President Trump has chosen Tom Price to head as Secretary of Health and Human Services, women feel threatened. Price can be described as “a fierce opponent of the Affordable Care Act and of Planned Parenthood funding”, leading many individuals to fear for the future of women’s care (Center for Reproductive Rights). This fear and fight for human rights has led to events such as the Women’s March on Washington to take place later this week to the formation of the International Day of Action for Women’s Health. I am interested in further exploring how activism for reproductive health manifests in different parts of the world and how scientific advancements such as in vitro fertilization play into this issue.

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