Looking Ahead to the RBA


The most common piece of feedback I received on my written proposal was that my direction for the RBA was unclear. My proposal provided a fair amount of background information as well as detailed many aspects of the Tea Party movement, but it lacked a separate section to flesh out future directions. Hearing this feedback made me think about what particular facet of the Tea Party movement I would like to pursue further research into. To remedy this issue for my final draft, I appended a new conclusion paragraph that outlined the specific argument I intend to analyze in my RBA.

For my infographic, the feedback was different but somewhat related. Again, I received compliments for the thoroughness and organization of the work, but there were comments about how there were large blocks of text containing too much information for the viewer to process quickly. This feedback convinced me of the importance of not flooding the proposal with excessive background information and rather being more explicit about the juicy part of the proposal – the topic of the RBA.

The Tea Party movement undoubtedly has revolutionized the role that populism plays in the political arena, but were the original populist demands of the movement satisfied, or have the numerous Tea Party-backed elected officials compromised their populist roots in favor of Washington corruption? I believe that for a significant number of the representatives elected with Tea Party support, a small, exclusive club has formed to further the political agendas of wealthy interests rather than to address the demands of the common people, and I intend to conduct further research into voting records, statements, and data to analyze the validity of this hypothesis.

2 thoughts on “Looking Ahead to the RBA”

  1. I really enjoyed reading your research proposal and listening to your infographic presentation in class. It sounds like you improved the depth to which you explored where your RBA would go, and you reflected on what you want to learn more about regarding the funding and motivations of powerful individuals in this movement. In the same way that Watergate was exposed when a reporter was told to “follow the money”, I think a compelling tension in politics is the balance between money and power. Thus, your RBA will surely be a compelling work–whether or not your thesis decides that there is some invested monetary interest. Since you pointed to populism as supporting the election of Trump, perhaps you could explore the politics behind his cabinet selection or who supported Tea Party candidates with donations.


  2. First of all, your infographic title is amazing. Secondly, although I agree with the feedback you received on the infographic (large blocks of text tend to distract the viewer from the key argument), I would argue that it’s still important to provide a solid contextual foundation in the research proposal to more effectively argue the importance of the research question you are addressing. The most crucial and perhaps most difficult step is probably the quest for balance between information and argumentation, and I look forward to seeing how you do that in future presentations!


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