The Relevance of Radical Art Activism

Link to infographic:

The feedback I received during the peer review on the written proposal helped me solidify my research by continuously pushing me to link my examples to my main topic of radical art activism. Often times, my examples of art and artists did not fully include why is it was a effective form of activism. Taking on this feedback, I have made a goal of consistently analysing each artistic piece, movement and artists to the same extent and always tying them back to my research topic.

My Genre Modes offered a different medium in which I could form my argument using imagery and emotion. The feedback I received showed that my infographic may have included too much pathos and was an overwhelming experience. Others, however, thought the radical infographic effectively persuaded the audience of the message I was attempting to convey. In future, weighing the emotional stress versus the effectiveness of imagery will be an important factor to be aware of.


Radical art practice through graffiti, profanity, nudity, and violence, has the potential, through forced perspective, to open up avenues of empathy.


One thought on “The Relevance of Radical Art Activism”

  1. Having seen both your research proposal and infographic, I feel that you use a large amount of logos/ethos in your proposal and pathos in your infographic. How do you plan to connect and mix them into your final RBA? Additionally, do you plan to explore both of your research questions thoroughly in your RBA? Or do you plan to focus more on one, and “crutch” the other so that it helps the other stands out?


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