Visualizing Lactivism

The topic of lactivism- the activism of lactation- contains a convoluted history and an element of dichotomy amongst extremes of the movement. While this creates a complex issue to present in visual terms, this infographic provides a streamlined approach.

The editing process complete with peer feedback was helpful in developing my infographic, especially given that an infographic posed a challenge as a personally new way to present information. I ended up recreating my infographic on a new program, and the critique and appreciation I received during in-class presentations allowed for this to be a structured process. Initially, I was told too little text was present, so I attempted to strike a balance by including slightly more textual information so that context could be provided for images. Additionally, classmates expressed an appreciation for the order and flow of my presentation, so I kept this original structure even as I recreated my infographic. However, I was told that the quantity of images created a cluttered appearance, so I sifted through for the most impactful and relevant graphics and pictures.

As I look ahead to my research-based argument, I am considering if activism can go too far and how extremists can be reconciled in the context of lactivism in order to create unity and effectiveness in reaching the purpose of the movement. Thus, education and empowerment of women to be able to make an individual choice concerning breastfeeding should be emphasized. This reduces mothers feeling limited or not informed in order to reduce unintentional harm to infants.


One thought on “Visualizing Lactivism”

  1. I think you’ve made some beneficial edits to your infographic. It turned out to be very informative and I agree with all of our peers that the layout is great. For your RBA research, I am still a little confused on how you will define “going too far”. What will you consider too far and will this look different in various cases you look into? I’m interested in hearing more about the repercussions within lactivism as well as reading, in your future paper, what activists in this genre should be focusing on. I feel like this was a great topic to choose to write about and research because it is interesting to hear both sides of the breastfeeding battle and it is massively relevant to many throughout the world. Good luck with your further research!


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