Blog Post #3 Infographic

The feedback that I received mostly had to do with my posture and my presentation. However, as it relates to the content of the presentation, my audience commented that I should make explicit what I want to accomplish in my RBA. Previously, I had not given any indication about what I wish to explore in the future, but after the presentation I have added that into the infographic as a series of questions.

Essentially, my main research question is how exactly has sports activism impacted the direct actions of kids and citizens paying attention to the movements of today. My tentative thesis is that the actions of sports heroes has influenced the youth of today and has made a tangible impact on society today.


One thought on “Blog Post #3 Infographic”

  1. Very interesting and relevant topic, and I think you’ve definitely made the case that there is a relationship between activism and athletes. In terms of steps going forward, I was wondering if you plan to focus on modern day athletes or if you are going to include a range of athletes from different time periods. Also, I think it would be helpful if you defined athlete activism: like is it the different educational programs athletes sponsor, the health campaigns about going outside and playing, or political activism. And if you are focusing on things like athletes taking a stand against the deaths of unarmed black men by police, what effect does that have on children?


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