Proposal Considerations and Strides Ahead

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Originally approaching my proposal, I was somewhat unclear where my RBA was going to end up. My area of focus was deceptively broad. The more I spent time researching and thinking, the more I realized I could write multiple essays on many of the topics that I originally hoped to cover in one. Much of the feedback during the peer reviews that I had received primarily centered on the lack of direction in my proposal. There was a general lack of clarity in terms of what I wanted my RBA to ultimately look like. I knew I wanted to focus on the Black Lives Matter with respect to its ideologies and tactics in comparison to the Civil Rights Movement. The first draft of my proposal however spent too much time focusing on the civil rights movement- establishing it as a relevant frame of comparison for Black Lives Matter. I also failed to present any scholarship on Black Lives Matter itself. The general comments on organization such as the need to improve my topic sentences and conclusion also lent credence to the fact that my overall thesis was ambiguous.

In my infographic presentation, I had  relatively better understanding of the direction of my research and how I wanted to go about comparing the two movements. I received generally positive feedback with many of my peers commenting that I had a clearer roadmap of where I was going and what I hoped to focus on. Many found the images and text moving with just the right balance of the two. There were a few questions on how I planned to use this comparison of ideologies (optimism vs pessimism) for my argument. Upon further inspection of my proposal, it seemed there was a disconnect between the existence of these ideologies that I established and my analysis on the way the movements were compared. I decided that I wanted the argument of my RBA to be two-fold: First, I would show that there was a shift in ideology between the movements using history as evidence. Second, I would then use this to debase the normative polarization that has occurred between these two movements. Black Lives Matter simply begins from a pessimistic ethic but is an extension of the radical legacy of the Civil Rights Movement.



One thought on “Proposal Considerations and Strides Ahead”

  1. This seems like a good direction that you’re headed in. I really like your idea that black lives matter is a pessimistic movement that was borne from the civil rights movement. A question that I would ask of you is how does black lives matter differ from conventional movements? Black lives matter has been spurred due to social media and I feel that this has definitely impacted the way we look at these activist agendas.


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