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I received feedback mostly mostly about clarifying certain concepts. In order to fully delve into the arguments of my topic, I had to set a better foundation that defined “affirmative action” and gave some historical context. In order to make a successful argument, I have to define the explicit goals of affirmative action. I also had to explain to a greater extent what the evident I presented meant. Once I gave more context to the original problem, I was better able to support my argument and refute counterarguments.

My main research question is understanding how Asian Americans are discriminated in the college admissions process. I’m asking whether this is true and by which mechanisms discrimination occurs, especially in terms of the role of affirmative action. My tentative mechanism is that Asian Americans are led to believe affirmative action is culpable for their discrimination, but in fact, the preservation of high numbers of white students in universities actually has a larger effect.

One thought on “BLOG POST #3 INFOGRAPHIC”

  1. I think it would be really interesting to talk about if there are underlying cultural phenomena for why exactly Asian-Americans think that affirmative action is culpable. Is it by virtue of sheer numbers (as in Asian-Americans with higher test scores are not admitted as easily) or is it an expectation that the United States be a pure meritocracy? As an Indian-American myself, I have yet to unpack how exactly I feel about this!!


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