Reframed Research

Here is the link to my infographic:

To break down the main takeaways from the session of revision and genre modes presentation, I’d like to enumerate three areas of criticism that I received. First, during the outside of class rough draft revision of the Research Proposal, I remember sitting with my partner and speaking about the length of my introduction, and how the politics and history of neoliberal education contributed to later protest. My partner told me that while it was interesting and did provide some context, it didn’t tell all that needed to be said about the socioeconomic issues faced by the country. I concurred, and in my revisions, infographic, research proposal, and further RBA work I plan to contextualize student movements as an indirect attempt to fix socioeconomic inequalities that exist in Chile.

In my infographic presentation, I took the opportunity to frame what neoliberal education is, from both the perspectives of those who believe in its ability to create better schools as well as those who contend that it serves to further stratify education and reinforce social inequalities. It was important to clearly scrutinize and define what a neoliberal education is from a variety of perspectives, and I believe my audience members appreciated having the new understanding. What they suggested that I needed to improve upon in the infographic was my presentation of it – reducing the number of “ums”, but I believe that I can better illustrate what neoliberal education has meant and how it has developed a bit more throughout history. That will then help me in my RBA.

In further draft revisions for the proposal, I received feedback that suggested I leave my proposal to be a little bit more open, and that didn’t immediately attack what I wish to focus on in my RBA. For example, previously I was thinking that I should write almost explicitly what I am planning to write about in my RBA, but feedback gave me the insight that perhaps I shouldn’t, and instead leave the problem space a little bit more broad so that I could demonstrate potential questions that I still had. In that sense, not speaking so concretely was a benefit, and I believe helped me in my proposal, and will set me up better for my RBA

For my tentative thesis, I plan to explore how two Chilean student movements, the 2006 “Penguin Revolution” and the subsequent 2011 “Chilean Winter”, called for increased educational equity (and access to it) and to what extent it achieved it in the context of a neoliberal education system. I am leaning toward narrowing down this thesis to pertain to higher education in particular.

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