Blog post # 4

Thesis moment:

While dissent and publicly promoting revolutionary ideas was not the primary purpose of the musicians in the USSR, their actions should still be interpreted as activist: it challenged the boundaries for personal expression established by the soviet government, distortion of conventional norms and create alternatives to certain social paradigms.

In modern Russia, however, this is not the case.


  • Introduction
  • Defining activism (!)
  • Next, we will give an overview of the history of Russian rock. This part is supposed to give the reader a general idea of the revolutionary nature of Soviet rock.
  • This part will discuss the standpoint of the musicians themselves regarding the issue. By looking at interviews and memoirs, I will discuss how they perceive their role in this situation. The key point here will be that the main purpose of the musicians isn’t starting revolutions but rather create the music the way they wanted to create it. I will conclude by connecting this to our definition of activism,
  • Here I will discuss the key differences between the situation in USSR and in modern Russia.
  • Conclusions

One thought on “Blog post # 4”

  1. I think that your topic is fascinating, and you do a good job of having a convincing hook. I would like you to expand a little bit more after you say “this is not the case”. It is not immediately clear what exactly is not the case. Are all three parts of USSR musician ethos/activism not seen, or is it two of them, or each to some certain extent? I know that you will argue that, I just do not know explicitly what you will argue – I think that “this is not the case” is slightly vague. Maybe it can be changed to maintain the same sense but be more clear.


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