A general thesis moment and roadmap of my current RBA

What are the possibilities and limits of queer activist film?

Films have a “tremendous power to impart information, searing it in a viewer’s brain in a much more indelible way than say, history books can” (Buckley). So powerful are they, that queer/trans activist film has many possibilities, ranging from raising awareness about modern day struggles of the queer/trans community, to actively freeing people incarcerated due to their gender/sexual identity. However, there are also limits to it, such as a lack of audience reception (i.e. few documentaries are presented in movie theaters). As documentaries continue to improve, however, it is clear that the possibilities of these films far outweigh the limits of such film.

Roadmap: I plan to intersperse the limits of queer/trans activist film between the possibilities of queer/trans film. So it would go something along the lines of : introduction, possibility, limit, possibility, (etc.) , possibility, ending. It will roughly follow these topics: how activist film allowed for greater outreach to masses; how film itself cannot change minds; what it can do, in regards to the prison system; what it can’t do, in regards to reaching out to audiences (i.e. film festivals vs movie theaters); and how it has a possibility of recording history that people won’t cover/consider relevant at X point in time.

One thought on “A general thesis moment and roadmap of my current RBA”

  1. Awesome topic! I think it’s cool that you decided to switch between possibilities and limits instead of having separate blocks for them. I was wondering what you will use as evidence for your different sections. For example, when you talk about the effect in prisons, will you be referencing a certain movie. Or when you say it cannot change minds, will you be referring to comments and/or articles by certain people in reference to films or will it be from a more of a psychological point of view (like it’s “hard to change people’s prejudices” type thing.)


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