Blog Post 4

My research question asks how effective animal rights activists are in addressing the role of power holders in the factory farming industry, and what might they be able to do to better confront them?

In response, I argue that while animal rights activists effectively draw attention to power holders through extreme actions, these results usually don’t spread to influence companies that aren’t directly affected, and little education/persuasion is involved. Thus, they have room for improvement in their ability to reach power holders. The lack of both unity in the movement and organized efforts to change legislation greatly affect the power they have to fight against such powerful organizations. In order to improve, animal rights activists should unite behind a common identity in the way that the Black Lives Matter movement has taken a name, a history and a purpose as a way to define their common identity and empower them. Additionally, they should focus less on grabbing attention and more on education, both for the public and for lawmakers who are currently acting (mostly) in favor of agribusiness.
In my RBA, I plan to include background information both on factory farming and the impact agribusiness has had on the presence of factory farming and meat consumption in the U.S. Then, I plan to lay out the strategies animal rights activists are using to combat the growth in factory farmed products, and explain how they are not as effective as they could be. Finally, I will put forth my own ideas of what animal rights activists should do to improve.

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