Blog Post 4: RBA Planning

My research question inquires into the origins of the “model minority” thesis and its effects on Asian Americans.

The model minority phenomenon asserts that Asian Americans are the most successful minority group in terms of academic and financial achievement. Their success is greatly due to their supposed cultural values of obedience, respect of authority, industry, and emphasis on education. However, research shows that Asian Americans as a whole are perhaps not as successful as depicted. I hypothesize that the goal of this misinformation is to manipulate the image of Asian Americans and further a white agenda. Asian Americans act as pawns in the objective of denigrating other minority groups, while also bastardizing Asian culture. In this way, society’s subtle racism towards Asian Americans can be linked to the overt racism of other minority groups, such as blacks and Hispanics.

Road map: In my RBA, I plan to further examine how my hypothesis plays into higher education and affirmative action, as well as career choices and salaries. Additionally, I plan to analyze the origins of the model minority myth in order to better understand the purpose of this perpetuated myth. Civil rights movements of blacks and Hispanics will also be mentioned to explain context and provide contrast to Asian Americans.

One thought on “Blog Post 4: RBA Planning”

  1. Hey Jessica, as I’ve said previously, I think you have a very interesting topic with a lot of potential to enlighten people about affirmative action and the positions some take on it. However, I am concerned about how you may back up the “white agenda” claim, because most of what I’ve learned about modern racial disparities in the U.S. have been explained by more subtle and often unintentional oppressive actions against minorities. However, I don’t entirely disagree with the concept and I look forward to hearing about/reading what you have to say on the matter. Apart from that, you seem to have a very strong plan for what to do in your RBA. I like that you are covering so many relevant topics in your paper, because you’ve chosen a subject rife with controversy. I can’t wait to hear more about it!


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