Presentation Reflections

  1. Presentation that made me want to learn more: David’s presentation was topical, engaging, and thought-provoking. It pointed to a very clear reason for the political polarization of the company, raising points that gave me pause. I would like to learn more about Citizens United and political polarization because I’m sure that there’s more to the story – I’m now asking questions about what else could be main driving forces of the divide we’ve seen in America.
  2. Presentation that taught me the most about its topic: Marianne’s presentation did an excellent job of establishing the importance of historical storytelling within activist movements and further explaining the deliberate choices and strategies at play. I already knew that activists and organizations use deliberate rhetoric and framing when presenting their causes to the public, but Marianne’s presentation taught me the nuances of how and why. I’m sure I’ll be seeing more of this pattern in the future, now that I’m attenuated to it.
  3. Presentation that surprised me the most: Michael’s topic took me by surprise, mostly because I had not really stopped to think about Pinochet’s effect on Chile’s schooling system before and the resulting aftermath. The conditions and widespread political engagement among the young people there were completely new to me, and the fact that Michael had spent time in Chile engaged with the protests (super cool, by the way) was an interesting revelation.
  4. Presentation that inspired me the most: Zoe’s presentation about rhetoric and strategies within agribusiness inspired me to look at vegetarianism and food marketing in a new light. I had taken for granted the lifestyle and culture surrounding animal product consumption, and Zoe’s presentation really made me aware of it. I now think I am more conscious about my eating decisions and am inspired to talk about vegetarianism and its alternatives.

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