Presentation Reflection


I thought Paulina’s presentation on lactivism was really interesting. I liked how evaluated how the two sides, one promoting breastfeeding above all else and the other advocating for choice, could be viewed from a feminist perspective. I thought this was an insightful choice for a few reasons. First, as a college student all of my feminist experiences and knowledge is removed from motherhood and my experience with the intersection of motherhood and feminism is usually about how having a baby doesn’t mean I have to stay at home. Obviously, there is a lot more to it and Paulina’s presentation made me think about how feminism interacts with motherhood. Related to the idea of motherhood, another interesting thing Paulina brought up was the idea of choice. This is a central argument in the abortion debate, but when you talk about women’s choice in motherhood, I think it’s a little different. On one hand, it is the women’s choice to breastfeed, but that choice also has to take into account what is best for the baby. Lastly, her research reminded me how the feminist movement doesn’t have the same amount of unity that I see with ethnic or racial groups, and it made me wonder if part of the reason is because of the way feminism treats motherhood. I’m pretty sure there are some people that write about feminism and motherhood, so am interested in looking into that topic.

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