The Hume Center for Writing and Speaking
The Hume Center is an incredible resource, free to Stanford students. This is a place to get one-on-one writing help from PWR lecturers like myself as well as other trained writing tutors. If you’re having trouble before the drafting process, it’s a great place to take some notes or an outline. That being said, my recommendation is to take in a full or partial draft of an assignment to work on revision strategies for taking your writing to the next level. All writing benefits from revision, regardless of what level you are at; even professionals go through various bouts of revision before submitting “final” drafts (if there even are such things). I strongly suggest that each of you visit the Hume Center at least three times this quarter – once per major writing assignment draft. Many of you, after having gone once, will be eager to go back.

Hoover Institution
The Hoover Institution at Stanford is an incredible resource for Stanford students and an especially rewarding repository of cultural artifacts, both published and not, for students in this particular rhetoric of containment course. The following Herbert Hoover quote, found on the Hoover Institution’s website, is indicative of just how wonderful a resource the Hoover Institution is for our class.

“The overall mission of this Institution is, from its records, to recall the voice of experience against the making of war, and by the study of these records and their publication, to recall man’s endeavors to make and preserve peace, and to sustain for America the safeguards of the American way of life. This Institution is not, and must not be, a mere library. But with these purposes as its goal, the Institution itself must constantly and dynamically point the road to peace.”

Getty Images
Perusing Getty Images, especially  using the “editorial” search function, is a great way to visually give cultural context and framing to not only Cold War American culture but to our current cultural moment.

A Stanford PWR 2 Course

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