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Blog Post #3 Infographic


The feedback that I received mostly had to do with my posture and my presentation. However, as it relates to the content of the presentation, my audience commented that I should make explicit what I want to accomplish in my RBA. Previously, I had not given any indication about what I wish to explore in the future, but after the presentation I have added that into the infographic as a series of questions.

Essentially, my main research question is how exactly has sports activism impacted the direct actions of kids and citizens paying attention to the movements of today. My tentative thesis is that the actions of sports heroes has influenced the youth of today and has made a tangible impact on society today.



Honing in on Human Trafficking

Link to infographic:


It is now the calm before the storm. Our infographic and research proposal are complete, however this is only the beginning as we all embark on the RBA. With my research proposal, I was told by my peers during our review session that although my background and short anecdote were well done, my conclusion was far too vague. With their confusion on which direction my RBA was going to move forward in, I had to rephrase my final paragraph and expand on my introduction to help clarify what exactly I plan to research further. This made me question what specific outcome of organizations I wanted to focus on as well as how I wanted to define “successful”.

My infographic received lots of positive feedback. With the layout and arrows, the cycle I am planning on focusing on has been solidified. The infographic gave viewers plenty of background and expressed the seriousness and importance of the general topic.

With both the infographic and research proposal complete, I now have a strong grasp on my research question I will be answering in my RBA. What is the most effective method of raising awareness about human trafficking throughout the United States? When I use the term effective here, I will focus on the quantity and scope of people that the method/medium overall positively effects. Bringing in more scholarly sources, I will focus my research on empowering organizations, forms of education, as well as media. Currently I have many personal stories and an understanding of many organizations that work toward empowering individuals, however I am going to have to find scholarly sources to help determine which method overall spreads the most awareness for my RBA.