Blog Post #5

Sol’s presentation about extremism in animal rights activism was really interesting. I learnt a lot about the extreme steps taken by the animal rights activists and how they have lowered the effectiveness of the overall movement. It was really interesting to learn about the internal divisions between animal rights groups and how that needs to addressed in order to increase people’s awareness about cruel situations animal live in.

I really enjoyed David’s presentation about how money has influences the politics in the United States. Coming from India, I always thought that my country is the only democracy with a corrupted and a rigged political system. But it was really interesting to know that the situation here in the USA is not extremely different. This made me think about how regardless of the location, money and power has been the reason why people have resorted to unethical practices.

All presentations have been extremely informative, and it was great to learn more about the problems different activist groups face while challenging some of the existing policies! Before this class, I hadn’t thought much about how social issues are addressed and how such rallies have influenced and transformed the society we live in.








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